Walt Disney's Autograph

This is an excellent original Walt Disney
signature framed along with a color laser
copy of a Disney Classic Fantasia Poster.
Comes with a
LIFETIME Certificate of
Item will be insured for full value

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This is an authentic Walt Disney signed check dated June 5, 1963. Not only
is it signed by Walt but also the "Pay To" line was filled out by him as well.
Many of these check fields are usually typed in and then signed by Walt.

This check was purchased from Phil Sears Collectibles in 2015 and includes
Phil's Lifetime
Certificate or Authenticity. Phil is one of the top Walt Disney
signature experts in the world and sells many of Walt's autographs and
signed checks on his website as well as other Disney memorabilia as I do
on this website.

Check will be shipped by USPS Certified Mail and fully insured.

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PRICE: $2,550