Did Walt play a musical instrument?

Walt's father, Elias, played the fiddle, and as a child Walt loved listening
to his music and trying to play himself, but he never mastered an
Have there been any baby animals born at Disney's Animal Kingdom?

reproduced at Disney's Animal Kingdom, including rhinos, gorillas,
Guests in 1998, was a kudu, a large African antelope.
Why doesn't Cinderella's prince have a name?

as that film has the Queen and the Witch. These characters may have
been named in published versions of the story, but were not for the
Disney film. The prince in "Cinderella" is Prince Charming.
stables on site?

When Disneyland opened in 1955, there were mule rides, stage coach
rides, wagon rides, and other attractions which featured horses and
other animals. The Pony Farm on the property covered 10 acres and
had 200 head of livestock. As those attractions closed over the years,
the Pony Farm, now known as the Circle D Corral, shrunk somewhat in
size, but still cares for the Park's livestock.
Where were the outdoor portions of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"
filmed? Some of the locations are beautiful, such as the cannibal island.

The tropical scenes in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" were filmed at
various locales in the Bahamas and Jamaica.
Who did the "ya-ha-hooey" sound that Goofy always makes?

Pinto Colvig, who was the original voice of Goofy, originated that
famous yell.
What about all the cool innovative stuff Disney has made for shows,
movies, theme park rides and attractions. I was wondering if Disney holds
any patents?

Yes, through the years Disney has obtained many patents, including
such innovations as the multiplane camera, which first gave depth to
various versions of ride vehicles.
In the 1970s, was Snow White's Scary Adventure a different type of ride?

The Snow White attraction at Walt Disney World actually went through a
major revision in 1994. Prior to that time, it was not a roller coaster but
it was very dark and scary, using the Witch to emphasize the ominous
appeared in the original version.
Are there other icons in the park, such as animals from the Jungle Cruise,
Cast members occasionally name some of their favorite characters, and
those unofficial names get passed down from year to year. Besides
Harold, some others at Disneyland include Bertha (showering elephant
on Jungle Cruise) and Bucky (the dragon in Fantasmic).  
The Disneys traveled a lot -- did Walt and Lilly have a favorite place they
had visited?
Walt and Lilly enjoyed traveling in Europe, which they did a number of
times, but they also enjoyed quiet times at their vacation home at the
holidays in the Ahwahnee Hotel at Yosemite National Park.
short "Mickey and the Beanstalk" (segment of "Fun and Fancy Free"). Why
did Walt decide to stop voicing Mickey when he did?

It was during the production of that film that Walt decided he had just
gotten too busy, so he asked his sound effects man, Jim Macdonald, to
What character did Disney add to "Alice in Wonderland" that wasn't in
Lewis Carroll's original novel?

Carroll's original novel -- the Door Knob.
What brought about the idea of having bands from different schools
march through the Park during the day at Disney World? And what was
Disney World in conjunction with its first holiday festival. The earliest
Disney World in conjunction with its first holiday festival. The earliest
Eventually the Magic Music Days program began attracting hundreds of
high school and college bands every year.  high school and college
bands every year.  
Why is the Harmony Barber Shop at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland
Paris a most unusual attraction?

Because you can actually get a real haircut!
develop Disneyland. In 1986 it became known as:

Walt Disney Imagineering.
When did the Disneyland 'Star Tours' attraction open?

January 9, 1988 - Star Tours opens at Disneyland
first (and only) major remodel of the Peter Pan ride? Did that remodel
involve changing the overhead track path or length? Did the time for a
ride remain the same?
There had been major additions to Peter Pan's Flight in 1961, but the
change were the overhead track, except for smoothing a sharp turn,
and the boats, so, indeed, the length of the ride is essentially the same
today as it was in 1955.
the trains he had built to run on them?

Steamers group at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. After Lillian Disney's
death in 1997, the barn inside of which Walt operated the train was also
moved to Griffith Park, where it is maintained with exhibits and open
the third Sunday of every month.
The Upjohn Pharmacy in Disneyland's original Main Street U.S.A. was
mostly just a display, though it did offer customers bottles of what?

How would one know if a signature, drawing, or cel is original? Where
would one send a piece for authentification?

While we do not authenticate Walt Disney signatures or drawings, we
Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-3040.
These four parrots have been hosting Guests in The Enchanted Tiki Room
since 1963.

José, Michael, Pierre, and Fritz.
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