All the blueprints I sell, unless stated otherwise, are  
blackline drawing copies or they are copies of copies.
We use a State-of-the-Art large format digital copier
instances the copies appear better than the original.
Original or Working blueprints, as are Walt's authentic
Autographs, can be quite expensive.


I have pdf files available to sell of all the listed
blueprints. I am updating the listings as fast as possible
but if you find a set your are interested in that does
not yet show
pdf files listed please email me. I will
give you a quote!

Also, I will soon offer different size hard copies for
sale! Currently, most blueprints are only offered
in 18" x 24" format. I will be adding a 36" x 48"
format to most blueprints.
PayPal buttons are to US destinations ONLY!
PDF files must be used for overseas sales.